How long do I have to sleep for me to wake up with my life back to normal?

Day 1: Green Smoothie Cleanse

Heyyo! I am going to track my 10 (ish) day journey through the green smoothie cleanse. If all goes well, after the 10 days, I’m planing on switching to the modified cleanse, which incorporates one healthy meal in exchange for the 3rd daily smoothie. I’m excited!


- 56oz. of green smoothie
- lots of water 
- 1 cup of Tazo Zen tea
- 2 hard boiled eggs
- around 5 half-hand fulls of unsalted cashews
- broccoli, edamame, sugar snap peas as snacks

- one multi-vitamin

Pretty solid day, the smoothies are actually delicious! I’ll tell what recipes I used in the read more section. (: I already feel less bloated and weighed down by food, which feels great.

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